PGA Master Professional, Steve Atherton, returns for his ninth season as the teaching professional at Eagle Springs. Named Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year in 2008 and 2019 Steve has proven himself to be a competent, engaging teacher of The Game.

Golf Instruction may be booked by calling the golf shop, accessing the online booking feature on Foretees or emailing Steve directly at Book NOW as Steve's schedule is sure to fill in short order!


Buy 5: Get 6 Lessons (1 for free!)
1/2-hour lesson: $105
1-hour lesson: $195
Two-hour playing lesson: $300 (up to 2 students)


Flightscope X3 - the newest, latest and greatest in radar technology!  The new Flightscope can measure putting and short game shots as well as the full shots that our older X2 version had been measuring all with greater accuracy than ever before. This will give Steve the ability to diagnose your ball flight and swing improvements even better.

Blast Putting Sensor - great tool for assessing the tempo and timing of the putting stroke.  Studies of PGA Tour players show there is a very defined and consistent tempo for almost EVERY great putter.  The Blast sensor helps us measure your tempo as well as several other key stroke variables that can help you quickly improve your stroke.

4D Motion - simple sensors that attach to points on the body for full motion measurement.  Allows Steve to MEASURE how efficiently you swing, how consistently you move, and identify small swing parameters that could make significant improvements to your swing.

Edufii Video Lesson Reviews - your lesson reviews will be sent as very simple video clips that you can review on your phone or on your computer.  You will see yourself performing the drills EXACTLY how you did them in the lesson.  You will hear yourself describe the precise feel you needed to improve your swing, and you can see the swings you made that you want to repeat.

Focus Band - an amazing tool that taps into your brain activity and measures how you focus.  You will learn how to dial in your focus and avoid distracting thoughts when you play.  After years of being able to measure the body, the ball, and the club, this is one of the final frontiers in understanding human athletic behavior!!



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